Actress Accuses Dustin Hoffman of Sexual Misconduct on Broadway
Just days after television host John Oliver confronted Dustin Hoffman during a tense Q&A following a screening of Wag the Dog, another woman has come forward with allegations of sexual misconduct. Kathryn Rossetter, who starred opposite Hoffman in the 1983 Broadway production of Death of a Sales…
13 Things to Do on a Snow Day in Tuscaloosa
Whether work or school, a break is always welcome; but every now and then, you don't know what to do with yourself with unexpected free time. Here are a few things you can enjoy on a snow day in Tuscaloosa.
Snowpocalypse 2017 Is Here!
Yes! We heard the weather reports, we hoped for it to happen, and it did! Snowpocalypse 2017 is HERE!
Admittedly, I was a bit skeptical. However, when I woke up this morning I was pleasantly surprised! The weather experts were saying a possibility of snow accumulations of MAYBE one inch in some areas…
Tuscaloosa To Ease Up On Severity Of Marijuana Punishment?
Could Tuscaloosa soon be lessening it's punishment for those getting caught with some Mary Jane?  The answer is maybe.
During the Tuscaloosa City Council’s Legislative Breakfast earlier this morning, Mayor Walt Maddox, and others in city government, highlighted several issues that are facing City Hal…

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