How Often Do You Check Class Dojo?
If you've got an elementary school student, you're probably familiar with Class Dojo. It's an app schools and teachers use to communicate with parents, and BOY HOWDY, I have a problem with Class Dojo.
Who the Heck is Sturgill Simpson?
Sturgill Simpson is having a banner year. The country artist is nominated for several Grammy awards--including Album of the Year-- and is the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend. He garnered national press last year when his feud with the CMA's went public, yet many people still h…
Check Out Meg Summers’ Picks for the Best of 2016
2016, generally speaking, was garbage. Scratch that--it was worse than garbage. It was the murky, muddled, hot garbage water that seeps out of an extinguished dumpster fire and down into a sewage drain... but there were plenty of silver linings in this year of B.S., so indulge your girl here and all…

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